New Commitment

I’ve been neglecting my blog because the thought of it overwhelmed me. When I have time when I could be writing, I would let my mind slip and let the side-effectss from my cancer treatment take over. During the workday, I force myself out of bed to go to work. Then, when I start feeling like I want to crawl out of my skin, I force myself to take a walk around the campus to stay through the end of the work day.

When I get home, I plop (crash maybe a better word) into bed and if the Internet will allow me I put on mindless American television. When the Internet doesn’t allow me, I usually drift off to sleep. Not a very productive way to live, but I’m able to work and not everyone in my situation can do that so I find satisfaction that I’ve succeeded in that for the day. But I don’t push myself any further.

I now realize I need to push a little further and force to write something daily until it becomes a habit. So, however short or long a post may be, I’m promising to be more consistent. There’s been a lot of traveling going on (mostly medical but some for pleasure as well). My journey in turning Seoul into a third home has been successful medically, and this weekend I’m making the trek back to hopefully sign a new 6-month contract for my cancer treatment…but anything could happen on Monday.

So, tomorrow I’ll fill you in more about Seoul and you can take this journey with me. If I’m not too exhausted from the travel, I’m hoping to do a little siteseeing beyond the Gangnam District, but I may be just hanging out as ususal in the K-Pop center of the planet. Tomorrow, I’m going Gangnam style…again!

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